Showcases of modern Browser technologies

A Mine sweeping game

I started to dive into React . And as before, I decided to select a well-known game as a training object.

It is a pleasure that nowadays frameworks treat SVG as first class content. JSX implements it naturally alongside all other web markup, and so it is possible to describe the single fields as components with <rect> and <use>, just like the game scores with <label> and <span>.

I am less enamored with the widespread adoption of cross-compilers. Yes, JSX is a comfortable language for writing web components. Yes, it is no disadvantage to simply use new language features of ES2016 like classes and destructuring. But I entertain the suspicion that with this trend knowledge about their precise implementation in the browser gets lost.

Should I plainly trust Babel  to know wich polyfill it has to deliver for supporting which browser? Will, at some point, frontend developers no longer understand the distinction between a component property and a tag attribute?

See the Pen A Mine Sweeping Game by ccprog (@ccprog) on CodePen.