Showcases of modern Browser technologies

A Mine sweeping game

I started to dive into React. And as before, I decided to select a well-known game as a training object.

Solve a Crossword

I’ve designed a few riddles for you. Try them out!

Build a Crossword

Try your hands at composing a crossword puzzle!


Sorting cards is a popular pastime. As far as I am concerened, re-programming it for the web is just the same. But finding a solution with good performance prooved to be more difficult than it first seemed.

15 puzzle

This game seems familiar? Click on the tiles and try out your skills. (Tip: the empty field must end up in the upper left corner.)

Bezier Rainbow

In celebration of its 30th aniversary in the summer of 2013, german computer journal c’t staged a contest for browserdemos. My contribution, unfortunately, didn’t make it to the final round…therefore I’m publishing it here now.