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September 10, 2016

Using svg-icon-toolbox for designing Debian themes

The whole project svg-icon-toolbox  started because I wanted to change the base colors of the new Mint-Y theme  from green to blue. What I found was a jungle of virtually unreadable SVG files, pixel icons without vector source and inefficient shell scripts.

Saying some thing can be done better and tidying up the mess are different things in terms of time to spend...well, I got it done, and it resulted in a pull request . What happened next was predictable: the Mint developers had no interest in overthrowing their whole workflow.

Nonetheless, reading my pull request could be worthwile for its extensive documentation. The process I established there could in principle be implemented for all Debian themes that are descendants of the default Adwaita  theme.

And it is keeping with the base philosophy:

Adwaita is a complex theme, so to keep it maintainable it's written and processed in SASS.

Then, Sass should also be used for styling asset files.