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February 8, 2016

WordPress-Plugin custom-logging-service published

Last month I forked an old and abandoned WordPress plugin .

It was clear relatively early that a complete overhaul was needed to bring it back to newer WordPress versions and integrate its design decently with the administrative pages. I therefore decided that I would not try to retain compatibility with the old plugin and now published it as custom-logging-service .

There are a number of logging solutions for WordPress, but most of them, like for example Simple History  aim at site administrators wanting to have control over all activity on the site. They log all sorts of standard activities like loging in, posting and commenting without many options for the admin not to see entries.

But what if only some very specific activity should be logged? For my crosswordsearch  plugin, I have introduced the capability to send in crossword solutions . (Well, actually the time needed to find the solution.) How could I make these submissions visible to the site admins? Either I had to implement a specialized logging service as part of the plugin, or I could integrate with existing plugins for the price of forcing a lot of log entries on users they might never have wanted to read.

custom-logging-service seeks the middle ground. It is a generalized solution that can be integrated with arbitrary event sources, but will log nothing by itself.